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Why I Am Just Testing Here

Why you should use SMS Marketing instead Email Marketing ?

Because SMS Marketing is the freshest, on demand way to market special offers anddiscounts to your current and future customers. For years upon years, business owners have been using email marketing programs such as aWeber , icontact to capture customers information and market deals to every week.

Email marketing works well, but does not work as well as it once did long ago. Less and less people are checking and opening emails recently because of spam or they are too busy.

Here some Statistic data that you should look

– 93 PERCENT of the US population has a cell phone *

– 173.2 BILLION text messages are sent monthly *

– Over 97 PERCENT of those messages are read *

– Over 83 PERCENT  are read within an hour *

– Text message advertising has a response rate of over 30 PERCENT, that’s nearly 6 times more than direct mail, paper ads and email, at fractions of the costs. **

*Data from 2010 CTIA Wireless Review and New York Times small business

**Data on return rates cited from “Journal of Targeting, Measurement and Analysis for Marketing Vol. 13 and DMA 2010 Statistical Fact Book.”

How does SMS Marketing help you turn around your marketing efforts? This is how text message marketing adds up by the numbers: Assuming you sent out 1000 coupons, here is a breakdown of your marketing returns by type:*

1. Text Message Marketing:
 310 returns, $17.95 cost Text message marketing has a greater than 31% redemption rate making it one of the most effective ways of marketing.

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SMS Marketing

2. Newspaper coupons: 50 returns, $250 avg. cost Newspaper ads containing coupons generate up to 5% return rate. In this instance 50 customers utilize the coupon while costing on average $250.

3. Direct mail: 40 returns, $400 avg. cost Direct mail offers a response rate of about 4%. That means 40 customers will redeem offers this way and the average cost of sending 1000 offers is about $400.

4. Email: 30 returns, $20 avg. cost Email has a response rate of less than 3% to opt-in customers meaning that they signed up to receive emails from you. This number is much lower if the customer base is from a purchased emailing list (less than 1%). Less than 30 customers would respond at about $20 for the service.

5. TV and radio ads are thought to be a lot higher return rate than direct mail, newspaper ads and email campaigns but reliable tracking of this market is hard to come by. Reliable information is that production of the ad, airtime and key times that are more specific for clientele base are costly! These types of ads to reach your intended clientele will cost you thousands of dollars a month and once again your return rate is virtually untraceable.

But won’t SMS Marketing cost a fortune?

Absolutely NOT ! This  simple marketing can be started for $9.95 per month.

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SMS Marketing

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