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TXT 180 Reviews , Pros and Cons is a rage these days. We decided to do a review on this text marketing giant and find out more on their services. Okay, so let’s roll. is a valued provider of mobile marketing services. You must be wondering what it is; it is nothing but simple marketing campaigns that take your business to your target audiences, through text messages and auto responder text messages, which is used for sending out bulk SMS to a large number of mobile subscribers.

Top purposes of using TXT180 services

While trying to figure out why people generally use this service provider, we’ve interviewed a large number customers that have ordered with them at one time or another. Here’s what we found

  • Pushing products and services on to a large bunch of people
  • Calling back on old customers and offering them additional discounts / mobile coupons to pump up the sales figures
  • Getting in touch with clients to remind them of important events or appointments
  • Doing a market survey on a product prior to its launch, and feel the pulse of the target market

Features & Pros

Let’s now find out what the existing customers love about services. We have only included the common points most buyers mentioned during our market research.

  • You can have unlimited subscribers . they do not set restrictions on how many clients you can have.
  • The packages are great bargains, considering what its competitors are charging . I’ve come across several competitor but no one can beat the price of txt180 packages . You can start your sms marketing campaign for $ 9.95 / month if you purchase 12-month package .

  • Scheduled message features. you can put your message to be sent at certain date automatically in your control panel .
  • Control panel is very easy to use plus there are video tutorial to help you if you confused
  • Unlimited incoming messages from your customer at no cost . With this service feature, you’ll be able to tell the exact number of clients that replied to your text messages .
  • You can integrate your website with widget , Customers can type their phone number into the widget and opt-in to your campaign, right from your website!
  • You can make a group from your keyword to target the correct audience with your campaigns . Groups add an extension to the end of the keyword separated by a decimal (ie. the group ad would look like this VIPClub.Pizzalover), that permits you to promote groups specifically on different types of marketing allowing you to effectively track where how they were able to opt-in. When sending messages you can be more personable by selecting a specific group.
  • Dedicated Customer Support (phone and email support)
  • If you want additional keyword for your campaign. The price is very cheap with only $5 for setup and $2 / month.

Most customers love the fact that they save loads of money in an effective sms marketing campaign offered by Txt180. Most of them saw an overwhelming increase in their businesses after they started using SMS Marketing.


While most buyers are happy with the services provided by, our review will not be complete without mentioning the cons of this services. From my research there are only 2 cons

1.  TXT180 is available in United States only

2.  The message credits will expire on the next month . for example if you purchase 500 messages / month package, and there are 59 messages remaining at the end of the month. They all will expire on the next month.

But do not worry you can purchase additional message bundle with cheap prices 3 – 4 cents / message that will never expire and remain on your account until they are all utilized.

Every month your messages will be deducted from your monthly recurring messages first and if you run out of those messages they will start to deduct from any additional messages you have purchased.

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Here is some testimonial from real user TXT180 that i got

 With several hundred subscribers, we rely heaving on TXT180 to spread info about our events, changes, and updates. The services are MUCH easier to use than we could have ever expected, at the cheapest rate out on the market! We at City On A Hill are fans of TXT180, and recommend it for all churches and organizations! Though emails and social media sites are great, most people are not checking them at the time YOU need them to check and see the message. Text messages are usually checked instantly! We love TXT180!
– Russell K.

I love using TXT180 services! The control panel was easy to navigate and setting up my groups was quick and easy! Not to mention the added feature of being able to see how many messages you have used and how many are available each time you log into the system.
I’d recommend TXT180 Marketing services to everyone!
– Darren W.

I recently relocated our business and started using text180, it is a great tool, and a quick way to notify our customers about specials or updates about our company. The interface is easy and simple to use, the staff is very helpful, they even took the time to help me import and export list I had to add to our account. I highly recommend Text180 for quick and short updates for any small business.
– Valerie A.

I had 2 texting suppliers and now I have text180. The training, support and functionality are superb. I’m confidence that this will be a long term relationship.
-Emmett J., SOCom Marketing

I just want to thank you for how easy this has been to set up. I have dreading this but it took less than 30 minutes. I love the control panel and the tutorials. It’s been a breeze. I can’t wait to get started tomorrow AM!!!
– Wendy J.

I have found the use of the site to be easy, uncomplicated and that the support has been very beneficial.
– Phil B.



Given the kind of response we have received in favor of the service provider, we think provides value-for-money services that you can count on. As a customer, there is nothing more you can ask for if a provider never fails on its promises.

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