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Why I Am Just Testing Here

Some Creative ideas to use SMS Marketing for Restaurant / Bakery / Spa / Online Store and other Repeat Order Business

Repeat order business means a business that their customer will purchase on a very regular basis e.g car wash , hair dresser , salon , mechanics .We divide it into two sections, first is to get subscribers, and second is send a message about your offer.


You can offer this by putting the flyer on the table/say to your customer when they order or pay their bill:

Ask them to join some VIP/Special membership Club, for example, “Pizzeria VIP” or “I Love Your Spa” Club by saying if you join now by texting “[YOUR KEYWORD]” to “[YOUR SHORT CODE Like 54432”  you will get one of these benefits.

1.  One-Time Direct discount to their purchase (Not their future transaction. The goal is to make customers become subscribers NOW, not tomorrow, not next week. Make them not think twice about your offer to join a special club.)

2.  One-Time Free Meal/Bread/Spa Service Directly (Again, not their future purchase–same like number 1.)

3. Discount to their purchase until [Certain date] if they subscribe and show the text message to the cashier. (They got less discount than number 1, but the goal here is to make them loyal to you, make them come again to you and remember you. They will likely keep your text message on their mobile phone.)

4. Free Meal/your services until [Certain date] (Same like number 3)

5. Give a chance to win something. For example, free ipod. The winner will be announced at [Tomorrow/Certain date] via SMS. (I suggest you offer some hot item that people really want, for example, ipad. But I prefer technique numbers 1 to 4.)


Maybe some of you will think, ‘OH MY GOD, why did I give customers some free stuff? My goal in business is to make a profit, not lose money to them.’ . Here it is

Yes, first you maybe lose some money/have less profit, BUT you don’t realize you built an ASSET (Their CONTACT that you can contact anytime). Imagine if you don’t have their Contact, and maybe you have a new service/meal recipe/special offer/maybe your business is slow (I am not hoping for this, but anything can happen, right?), what do you do to let them know if you don’t have their contact? You got what I mean?

It’s a totally different story if you have their contact. You just only need to send them one message that will appear on their mobile phone about your business information or promotion! It is a very simple but powerful concept.

business text message

Read on my previous blog post about why SMS marketing is powerful nowaday .

Just think of it as an investment/very cheap advertisement cost.  I suggest for technique number 1 or number 2, you make a direct offer that does not make you a loss/just make an offer that only makes less profit/no profit no loss. It is up to you.

Something to note, when they subscribe, they will automatically get a welcome message that you can edit on your control panel. For technique numbers 3 and 4, you can put a welcome message like this:  “Welcome to our Club. Show this text to cashier to get your free items/discount until [Certain date].” For technique numbers 1 and 2, make sure your cashier deletes the message so they can’t keep their message for the next purchase.

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2. SENDING THEM YOUR OFFER/NEWS About your business

This is the fun part of this system. If you are creative you will make your business explode.

One thing that I need to remind you about sending messages for your offer. Don’t overdo it. We don’t want to make them unsubscribe because you overpromoted your business. From my opinion sending them an offer once every one to two weeks is enough, but it is up to you.

You can send them messages, not just about offers but something else. For example:

“Watch out tomorrow. There will be a snowstorm. Make sure you stay safe at home.“ Show them that you care for them. MAKE YOUR CUSTOMER LOVE YOU. IF your customer loves you, they will love what you will offer to them. Make them like Your Friend.

Customer Happy

OK, here are some examples of sending your offer:

–          (SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER) For Tomorrow Only. When you buy [Your Item] show the cashier this text. You will Get It Free [Your Item].

–          (YOUR EVENT) Don’t Forget on Monday, 6 October at 18.00 p.m. there will be a special performance by [some actress/actor] at [Your Place].

(You can make a scheduled message on your control panel with Txt180 SMS Marketing.)

–           [THE MORE THE MERRIER] If you bring more than X people to [Your Business Place] and show this text message, you will get a [Discount/free item].

Show two of these text messages to the cashier and get a [Discount/Free items].

–          [Sweepstakes]. If you order [Your Certain Items] you will get a chance to win a Free [Item e.g. Ipod, Ipad]. The winner will be announced at [certain date] on your cell phone

–          [Secret Code] If you order catering and say [Your Secret Code, e.g, I Love Free Catering at [Your Business Name]] You will get [Discount/Free Item].

–          [Your New Item/Service] A new meal recipe called “Brutal Meat Pizza” is served on [Your Restaurant]. Don’t miss it.

Word of Mouth

–          [Word of Mouth/Viral Promotion] Have your friends text [Your Keyword] to [54455] and show your friend’s text when paying to get [Discount/Free item].

Send this message to your friend, “You Get a Free Small Pizza at Your Business Location”, and if your friend shows this message to the cashier, they will get [Discount/Free item].

–          Another example at my last post. And so many more ideas that you can develop yourself.


The good things about SMS Marketing is the promotion can go viral. For example, if you send a message about promotion, your subscribers know about your promotion and maybe they spread out your promotion to their friends and family. Very effective marketing.

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