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Why I Am Just Testing Here

Is your business ready to cope with the mobile trend that going crazy in 2012 and after?

Imagine when you get around with car and suddenly you crave for one of these things:

– Want to taste pizza in new restaurant or café, but you don’t know a good place or what menus they have.

– You forgot to make important appointment with your doctor and you forgot his/her number.

– You want to book a hotel room or restaurant for your upcoming vacation, and you don’t know their number.

– You want to go to your favorite spa or beauty parlor, but don’t know whether they are open or not because this day is Sunday and the distance is quite far.

– You want to do some online shopping today because there are special discounts that only valid today.

Driving while texting

What would you do?

There’s a big chance that you would grab your mobile phone, browse the internet and do some googling to get related information from their website.

But imagine that you get the websites are not optimized for mobile phone. Like this ( ignore the preview picture , i just wanna give some example):

not optimized mobile web

When their websites are opened in PC, they look fine. However when you open it on mobile phone it gets difficult because you need to scroll to left and right, up and down just to find the information while you’re driving, plus the long loading time. It is likely that you will get annoyed and search for another competitor’s website which looks better in mobile without the need to scroll and have faster loading time.

It would be different story if the website you found has been optimized like in the picture below

There’s a big possibility for you to call them up or find more information pleasantly in their website, and probably you will end up shopping in their website.

Imagine if in one month there are only 30 people that got experience like that.

How many client/customer they have LOST ?

And how many potential PROFIT they just LOST?

For instance, a person wanted to order one big pizza + soft drink for 15 dollar, but he changed his mind because of things like that. That means the pizza owner just LOST 30* $15 = $450 a month.

And imagine if this things keep continue for one year, that mean the pizza owner just lost around $450*12 month= $5400 a year.

That’s only for pizza restaurant.  How about other business like dentist, spa, or hotel where a customer could spend more than 50 dollar? The owner of that business would really leave a BIG SUM OF MONEY on the table.

And take a look at these data


– According to the Pew Research Center, 57.8m American consumers access the web via mobile devices ON YEAR 2009

–   If you have visited Apple’s website today you may have discovered that they have posted their Q2 (quarter 2) 2011 earnings. Apple has managed to sell a record number of 18.65 million iPhones, 4.69 million iPads, 9.02 million iPods, 3.76 million Macs, and has made around $24.67 billion in revenue.

–  Research agency Canalys has published its findings on the smartphone bullfight of 2011 where sales for the first quarter of 2011 were forecasted and from the whole lot only one thing that stands out. Android market share is expanding and as it rises it grabs a huge 35% of smartphone sector and rising to a 41% high by the second quarter of 2011.

A total of 101 MILLIONS SMARTPHONES  were shipped out quarter 1 in 2011. Of them 37.3 million were Android phones while there was nearly half that amount 18.65 million that numbered the iPhones sold in the same quarter.

– The statistic of mobile phone user that shows mobile phone usage in 2010 and prediction for 2014.

From data above there’s a huge chance that mobile phone will become a trend in the future. If they keep their website not mobile phone friendly, it is very possible that they are going to lose more than 30 customers a month.

One simple question. How about yours?

If your websites have not mobile-ready yet and you don’t want to LOSE your customer like the example above, check the solution here.


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