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How do you use sms marketing to get more profit ?

The Goal of SMS Marketing is to build list and connection  with your client as many   as possible , so everytime you have special offer , new service / product , held an event , you have THE LIST that you can contact anytime to read your message .

Here is an example

Imagine you are a pizza owner , you display a VIP SMS CLUB on your website for your future customers and send out an email to your current customers about your NEW VIP CLUB.

They text a code such as ‘vipentry’ to a shortcode such as ‘54545’ and are automatically subscribed to your SMS list.

Now say you send out a text message to your list with a 10% off your next order special offer. Your customers will receive this message INSTANTLY to their cell phones! You can even put a 48 hour limit on the deal so you get lots of quick sales!

 It works like this:

Say today you officially started a special, exclusive VIP discount club for your customers that costs $9.95 to enter the special club.

Your VIP Club JUST opened as soon as you opened this email.

Then, you decide to waive the $9.95 fee….

Every time someones grabs a meal from you guys, you and your staff say, “Would you like to join our VIP Discount Club for exclusive offers and free stuff?

The price was $9.95 to join the club but if you join today it’s free!”
Your customers jump on the opportunity to join…

So you say, “All you have to do to join the club is text “pizzadeals” to “54545”.
When they text in, their information is automatically saved in your list online.

So say you build 400 people on your list.
One day you send out a mass-text to your list of 400 people with one click of the mouse…

“Come in within 48 hours and show this text to get a free soda with an order of a LRG pizza!”

Customers get the text instantly.
Say only 100 people come in to get the deal and buy a $12 LARGE pizza.
100 X $12 = $1200 bucks in 2 days… that you wouldn’t have had.

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SMS Marketing

Here are some other example how do you use SMS Marketing to improve your business .


1.  Coupons & Giveaway

Text Demo to 77948 to enter into our free movie ticket giveaway on Dec. 21

Come in and see us on Sept. 2 between 11 am and 5 pm and enter for a chance to win a free dvd player

Send this text your friends and receive a $20 gift card for anyone that sets up an account and shows your text ( Viral Promotion )

Kiddieland Klothes 10% off sale on Friday the 24th. Door prizes provided by Dave’s Toy Store.

2. Special Event / Limited Offer

OPEN HOUSE TODAY Beautiful 4 bed 2.5 bath home located in the gated community at 123 palms! Refreshments provided

Monday Night Football tonight on the big screen! Show this message for a free appetizer

Church softball game tonight @ 8:30 vs Rebels…..See you there

TODAY ONLY Buy one get one free! Send this text to your friends and receive a $25 referral for anyone that purchases

3. Customer Appreciation

Come celebrate Customer Appreciation day 8-9-10. Pizza and sodas provided and discounts for all our current customers

4. Alerts ,Reminders , Deadlines , Follow Up

REMINDER You have an appointment tomorrow with Dr. Cutler! Please have insurance info on hand

I want to thank you for your business and remind you of our referral program! Any questions please contact me @ 877-989-8180

Sign-ups for city league football ends Saturday! Be sure to get your kids enrolled for 9 weeks of fun

5. Voting or Polls

Text ILoveGarlicBread to 54545 if you like Our new Garlic Bread Recipe

6. Drawing , Prices , SweepStakes 

Text IpodSpa to 54545 to get a chance for free Ipod . Winner will be announced on 10 October.

7. Word Of Mouth

Ask your current opt-ins to forward a message to their phone lists that asks for them to opt-in and incentivize it to give them a reason to send it. These types of messages will look like this:

Have your friends text demo.1 (space) your # to 77948 to receive discounts and ten opt-ins gets you an mp3

Forward this message and if ten friends opt-into demo.1 (space) referring # to 77948 . Show them your 10 sent message to cashier and get a free mp3


And many more example that you can innovate with sms marketing .  The possibility is limitless . You can also put widget on your website that ask your visitor to signup with their phone number to increase your list

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SMS Marketing

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