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Some Creative ideas to use SMS Marketing for Restaurant / Bakery / Spa / Online Store and other Repeat Order Business

Repeat order business means a business that their customer will purchase on a very regular basis e.g car wash , hair dresser , salon , mechanics .We divide it into two sections, first is to get subscribers, and second is send a message about your offer.


You can offer this by putting the flyer on the table/say to your customer when they order or pay their bill:

Ask them to join some VIP/Special membership Club, for example, “Pizzeria VIP” or “I Love Your Spa” Club by saying if you join now by texting “[YOUR KEYWORD]” to “[YOUR SHORT CODE Like 54432”  you will get one of these benefits.Continue reading

Is your business ready to cope with the mobile trend that going crazy in 2012 and after?

Imagine when you get around with car and suddenly you crave for one of these things:

– Want to taste pizza in new restaurant or café, but you don’t know a good place or what menus they have.

– You forgot to make important appointment with your doctor and you forgot his/her number.

– You want to book a hotel room or restaurant for your upcoming vacation, and you don’t know their number.Continue reading

TXT 180 Reviews , Pros and Cons is a rage these days. We decided to do a review on this text marketing giant and find out more on their services. Okay, so let’s roll.Continue reading

How do you use sms marketing to get more profit ?

The Goal of SMS Marketing is to build list and connection  with your client as many   as possible , so everytime you have special offer , new service / product , held an event , you have THE LIST that you can contact anytime to read your message .

Here is an example

Imagine you are a pizza owner Continue reading

Why you should use SMS Marketing instead Email Marketing ?

Because SMS Marketing is the freshest, on demand way to market special offers anddiscounts to your current and future customers. For years upon years, business owners have been using email marketing programs such as aWeber , icontact to capture customers information and market deals to every week.

Email marketing works well, but does not work as well as it once did long ago. Less and less people are checking and opening emails recently because of spam or they are too busy, so getting professional marketing services is a better choice and there are sites online that have business reviews for these types of services.

Here some Statistic data that you should lookContinue reading